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How do I go about booking The Beat Union?

To book The Beat Union, complete our enquiry form as fully as possible to give us all the details we need to issue an accurate quote. To secure us for your date we take a small deposit of 20% of the total fee, which is payable via Debit or Credit card. Once the deposit is paid, the band is booked and you will be issued with a legally binding contract between you and your band. If you’d like to chat with someone before booking, visit our page at Entertainment Nation and call, email or live chat with the team there for further details.

Can I watch The Beat Union perform live before I book?

We specialise in private performances at weddings, parties and corporate events and so don’t perform at public events often. If we are due to perform live for the public we’ll let you know so you can attend and check us out, but this is rare as our diary is full to bursting with private shows, which means we don’t generally perform at pubs and clubs.

When I book The Beat Union, how does the contract work?

The contract is signed by you and the band, and is legally binding between both parties. Neither party can cancel without good reason (see Terms and Conditions for further details). The contract is comprehensive and covers all eventualities. If you need to cancel, it can only be for one of the reasons outlined within the contract, otherwise termination fees will be incurred, so please read the contract carefully before signing.

When can I discuss the details of my event with the band?

A member of The Beat Union will be in touch with you four weeks prior to your event to finalise all the arrangements and discuss anything related to your event entertainment.

How loud will The Beat Union be?

We perform with a live acoutic drum kit, so in order for the entire band to sound at their best, the sound levels of the other instruments and vocals must at least match the drum kit. Don’t worry that we’re going to blow overpower your event, we’re experienced live performers and engineer the sound levels so that they are perfect for the environment we’re playing in. It’s your responsibility to let us know whether your venue has any restrictions on how loud a live band can be as this will affect what equipment we can bring to the event.

How much space do the band require and how long will it take them to set up?

We generally ask for a space around 3×4 meters. This is a nice comfortable size for us to ensure we can fit all of our equipment and lighting in. Other shapes and sizes are very much doable with the above as more of a guide. If you have a differing shape please do get in touch and we’ll chat it through. Our set up usually takes around 60 minutes when we have access to the area we are performing in, with us needing around 10-15 minutes of the hour to do a quick sound check to ensure everything sounds amazing.

How do I pay the deposit?

The deposit is due within 5 days of booking and is payable securely online by Debit or Credit card (using a credit card incurs a further 1.9% fee). You will receive an invoice that provides you with instructions on how to pay the deposit when you choose to book the band.

When and how do I pay the remaining balance due?

Payment is due on or before the day of your event, prior to our performance. We accept cash payment on the day or BACS transfer before the event takes place. If we are paid by BACS transfer, the funds must have cleated before the day of the event. We’re happy to chat about payment when we talk 4 weeks before the event.

Does The Beat Union hold public liability insurance and PAT testing certificates for their equipment?

Yes. We hold full public liability insurance and our equipment is PAT tested annually. Certificates are available on request.

What do I need to supply for the band?

As stated within our Terms and Conditions, we ask that you provide us with a free supply of soft drinks while we are present at your event (before, during and after performance). If you’ve booked us for over three hours, we ask that we are provided with a buffet or hot meal, which is again stated in our Terms and Conditions. We’re more than happy to join in with the evening food (BBQ, Hogroast, etc.) and for a bar tab to be set up for our soft drinks. We don’t go crazy, just nice to not have to worry after sometimes travelling for many hours to get to you.

Can I pick the songs The Beat Union will play?

We’ve got an extensive repertoire of well-rehearsed songs that are proven to be popular. We ask that you let us know which songs you like and dislike (if any) from our repertoire and then construct a set list that we know will work on the night.

Will you perform the first dance at my wedding or a special request at my party/corporate event?

We have an option to learn a first dance song or special request song if it’s not part of our repertoire for an extra fee. Any additional songs requested from outside our repertoire also require additional payment to cover our time and any rehearsal costs involved.

Can I or a friend/relative sing or perform with The Beat Union on the day?

Due to the fragility and value of our equipment clients/guests are not permitted to touch or use any equipment at any time, unless we give written permission prior to the event. Please mention any requests to perform with us in your initial enquiry to allow us to make an informed decision and avoid the disappointment of refusal on the day.

Can I see your terms and conditions?

All our Terms and Conditions can be found here: Terms & Conditions